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Shipley Tel: 01274 531010
Idle        Tel: 01274 618075
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Dentistry is commonly needed as cats and dogs get older. Prices start from £100, and include advice on preventative care to avoid unnecessary dentistry in the future.


As with ultrasound, endoscopy helps us to diagnose issues without painful surgery. Examples for endoscopy include retrieving objects from greedy dogs’ stomachs, biopsy of bowel without the need for surgery, and we will soon be offering laparoscopic bitch spays – removal of the ovaries without the need for traditional surgery.

Laboratory tests

Having our own full laboratory means quicker results for anxious owners, and for most tests reduces our reliance on the postal service.

Nursing clinics

Our friendly team of nurses operate clinics daily. Some services such as weight counselling and suture removals are free, other services such as nail clipping incur a small fee, typically £7-8.


With the exception of top-end eye and spinal surgery, we have the equipment and expertise to do most surgeries on site without the need for referral. We remove tumours from awkward areas, repair fractures etc on a regular basis.

Xray and ultrasound

We pride ourselves on having some of the most up to date equipment and expertise in the area. In particular, ultrasound can help avoid unnecessary operations where an animal’s ailment cannot be diagnosed by other means. We have a new powerful digital xray system, big enough to achieve excellent xrays of even the largest bred of dog and resulting in faster xray taking, along with the ability to email xrays to specialists for expert advice, where needed.

Services at Idle Veterinary Centre

Most routine procedures can be done here: neutering, minor operations, dentistry, blood tests etc. Major cases requiring detailed investigations and animals requiring hospitalisation are usually sent to Shipley Veterinary Centre, less than 3 miles away.

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